Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So, I'm sitting here actually writing a blog post! I promise to get better at this because I know one day when Owen is off to college (tear, tear) I will want to reminisce about all those days we had together. So, I'm making my New Year's resolution a little early- I WILL do a blog post once a week! I will go ahead and post some recent pictures and happenings for now.  Eventually I would like to blog about the past 6 months, because so much has happened that I don't want to forget.

Mr. Owen is a growin'! We just had his 6 month appt. a couple weeks ago and he was 21 lbs. and 27 1/2 inches long. He has outgrown his infant carrier and moved up to his big boy car seat which is more comfortable for him. He still isn't a huge fan of being strapped in a car seat unless he is sleeping.  He would much rather be jumping in his Jumperoo or going on a walk. I can already tell that he isn't going to be much of a relaxer (like his momma) he's going to love following his Dad around helping him with all of his little projects once he becomes mobile.  Here are a few pictures of Owen and Zane working around the house.

Washing dishes in our old house. Owen looks so little in this picture!

Working on the pergola in matching Mizzou shirts.

Watering the flowers...boys will be boys...

Older pictures that I love! Owen won't fall asleep on you  like this anymore :-(

The past couple weeks Owen has really taken a liking to Max. He usually giggles at Max when he notices him. Max is so good with Owen. For some odd reason Max likes to lay under Owen's feet...even when he is kicking him! I guess he will take any attention he can get from Owen! Another cute thing that Max will do is put his chew toy right next to all of Owen’s toys. I have a lot of cute pictures of Owen and Max on my phone. I need to find out how you can transfer pictures from your phone to your computer...hmmm...

Max with his goofy hair-cut!

Laughing at Max. I think he looks a little like me in this picture...Owen that is...

Owen is wondering if he could itch his ear with his leg???

Playing with their toys. Max is so ready for Owen to chase him!

We've been busy with landscaping our backyard the past couple weekends.  Zane built another pergola and it looks GREAT! We planted some flowers and did a yard renovation. Our sod burnt up this summer so Zane just decided to re-do our yard. It sure looked like a process! He took a couple days off work to complete it all. I'm sure he is ready for next summer so he can sit out the patio and enjoy it all. It's been raining here all day so I wasn't able to get pictures, but I will post some soon!

Here are some random pictures of Owen from this summer

Reading Goodnight Moon

Why is my Mom always putting things on my head?!

Whatcha lookin'  at??
Looking cool in his sunglasses!

Owen loved swimming in Grandma and Papa's pool

Hello Everybody!!

Here is a cute video of Owen laughing:

Friday, June 3, 2011


Last weekend we we're home for Molly's graduation and everybody wanted to see pictures of our new house.  So here it is!  Kaitlin didn't want me to post any pictures of the inside because she's not done decorating.  She's been too busy packing for Disney World!

And here's a picture of Kaitlin and Owen at Molly's graduation.  He was happy for little bit until he realized it was really hot in Pershing Arena.  

Sunday, April 10, 2011


                                             Max is really taking on the protector role.
                                              He has to be right by Owen all the time.

                                        Owen still likes the Cardinals even though they're sucking.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just thought I better make a post for family and friends.  Owen is now over a month old and seems to be adapting to this world pretty well.  Even though he sees the turmoil in Japan.  Which makes me thankful we're landlocked and not located over a fault line.  I worked from home today so I could get some stuff done in Carroll such as; taxes, haircut, mail...etc.  It was also good to see Owen for more than a few hours at night.  Work is finally slowing down and should continue to get a little better throughout the summer.  Kaitlin is adjusting well to being a mom.  She's also finding out how much work a newborn is.  I thought I better post some pictures of Owen after only a month.  I think he's really starting to gain some weight which gives me mixed emotions.  On one hand it's good that he's growing but on the other hand he's outgrowing all of his clothes.  I new from the start a new addition to the family wouldn't cash flow very well.  Well worth it!
 Now that we have adjusted to new jobs and a new child it's time to focus our time on selling our house.  We got an offer yesterday but we rejected it.  Now we're hoping we get more lookers now that spring is pretty much here. 

                                                     Of course Max had to get in a picture.
                                                     We also tried out our new webcam!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Owen Patrick Taylor

Zane here and this will probably be my first and only post.  Then I can hand it over to Kaitlin who is way better at updated friends and family with events that go on around here.  I want to post some of Lissy's pictures for everyone to see.  For those of you who don't know who Lissy is: she is Kaitlin's older sister.  She is an excellent photographer and we're lucky to have her around so she can take these newborn pictures.
Kaitlin woke me up around 1:30am Tuesday, the 15th.  She thought she was having contractions but wasn't sure.  I could tell that she was probably in labor because she was getting nauseous.  I called the hospital and told them we are on our way.  Owen arrived at 2:24pm that day.  He was 8.0 lbs and 20.5 inches.  The whole experience was mind blowing.
The hospital thing got pretty old real fast.  Kaitlin's family came up to help and see Owen for the weekend.  Her parents and sisters (Lissy and Caroline) each watched him for a night so Kaitlin and I could get caught up on some much needed sleep...Thank you! 

I guess we shouldn't have named our blog cornfedtaylors???

Lastly I will just say that we're really happy that everything has went fine and Owen is healthy (except for the constipation).  Kaitlin said to me, "you got your boy" and honestly when Owen arrived that was the last thing I thought about.  I was just in awe of him and I still am!